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About Eurolines

illustration picture Eurolines in Europe


The Eurolines trademark connects more than 30 European companies which cooperate on operating the widest bus netwok in Europe. This network offers connections between more than 500 European destinations - from South to North, from West to East.


The Eurolines organisation created basic principals of quality for the services offered and transparent terms of travel ticket sale for all its members. This ensures the same level of service for all of our customer anywhere in our network. In case of enquiries or problems, our customers can visit any Eurolines office located in all European capitals.

Eurolines offers bargain prices without any hidden costs. There are no additional payments - you pay for the price you see. Most of the bus lines will take you to city centres, so you don't even have to pay for additional travel.


All members of the Eurolines organisation use modern and secure buses with comfortable seats, air conditioning and a toilet. There is no smoking on our bus lines.


Eurolines in Czech Republic


Eurolines in Czech Republic are being represented by two companies: TOURING BOHEMIA, s. r. o. from 1992 and TRANSDEV EUROLINES CZ from 1999. They are not competition but supplement each others services to provide continual bus traffic.


Product portfolio consists of:

  • international bus lines
    Eurolines provide connection to more than 20 European countries from Czech Republic, counting almost 150 cities. It is the highest number of offers to traditional and also non-traditional destinations on the Czech market. We will take you comfortably and securely to your destinations not only from Prague, but also from Brno, Plzeň, or Ústí nad Labem. Timetables are being changed 2x a year and have the following validity: 1. 4. – 31. 10. or 1. 11. – 31. 3.


  • local bus lines
    Local transport is being run between Prague and Brno, Prague and Ústí nad Labem and Prague and Plzěň. Timetables are being changed in periods that are required by the law.


  • tourist bus lines
    We offer transport for travel agencies and corporation clients within our capacities. Our attention is being put into the level of services provided and we are able to secure non-standard services upon request (e.g. catering, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bartender service etc.).