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Across Hungary on bike

The heart of Hungary, Budapest and Surroundings region, offers great opportunities for bicycle tours. The varied landscape is scenic and rich in natural beauty, monuments and folk architecture, shrines, museums or spas. An unforgettable days are waiting for you. Just try it and feel Hungary. It is real fun.   


Route: tour of csobánka

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Budapest - Solymár - Pilisvörösvár - Csobánka - Pomáz - (Budakalász) - Budapest, 61 kilometres, one-day tour) You go along a cycle path on Erzsébet Szilágyi Avenue in Budapest up to Hidegkúti út, then continue on a paved road. After Pomáz, a cycle path leads you along the River Danube, back to the capital

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Route: on the szentendre island 

Szentendre - Pócsmegyer - Szentendre/South, 50 kilometres, one-day tour. Cyclists can take a ferry from several points on the cycle track running along the two banks of the Danube, or they can cross the bridge at Tahi, and make a pleasant tour of the island. This route is especially recommended for families with children. You can pedal along a cycle track from Budapest to Tahi, then crossing the bridge, you can either choose the pleasant public road or take a ride around the river embankments at your leisure. There are several opportunities for bathing and camping.

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Route: pilis - dobogökö - esztergom 

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Budapest - Pomáz - Pilisszentkereszt - Dobogókö - Esztergom, 56 kilometres, one-day tour. A difficult tour mostly on paved road and mountainous terrain - you are advised to use a multi-gear bike.

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