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Amsterdam: King's Day

A grand celebration in honor of the birth of King Willem Alexander, who is in the Netherlands the first male monarch after more than hundred years, is held every year in Amsterdam. The largest and brightest festival starts on April 27th and you should be there.

Amsterdam autobusem
Buy orange T-shirt and go celebrate king's birthday.  Photo: Jan Mottl

King's Day did not always belong to the king

Amsterdam is flooded by the orange color every year in April. Children, adults and even animals put on orange clothes. Royal celebration is according to tradition held on the birthday of the ruler. However, not always male members of the royal family sat on the throne. King Willem Alexander is the first male monarch after more than a hundred years. And because of him, the former Queen's Day has became King's Day. The first celebration took place in 1885, when Queen Wilhelmina started to rule. August 31st was the day when people in the Netherlands celebrated the queen. It did not take long time and the date of the festival was changed to April 30th. It happened because Juliana, daughter of Wilhelmina, took over the control of monarchy. Although the name and the time of the celebration have been changed many times, the spirit of the celebration remains the same.

The largest street markets

Amsterdam autobusem
Enjoy your time in Amsterdam. Photo: Jan Mottl

People spend around 26 euros on buying orange clothes or souvenirs during King's Day. Celebration annually attracts nearly a million visitors. The Dutch are very good sellers and they also organize markets during the festival, where people can exchange all the things that they don’t want anymore or the things that simply do not fit them. You can also buy delicious food in the streets and even bargain for better price. You should definitely not leave Amsterdam without trying the local sweet specialty - tompouce with a delicious cream filling. The largest street markets in Amsterdam will be held during the celebration of King's Day and will welcome visitors from 6 am until 8 pm.

Party at every corner

The streets and parks will become stages for dancers, musicians and DJ's. You can join them and have a great time with locals while listening to live music. Do not miss the King's evening, which takes place on the eve of the celebration. The best clubs and bars in Amsterdam will open their doors to everyone who wants to have fun. You can party to the next day and from the sleepless night go directly into the parade or to another party, which takes place in the famous Cartel - nonstop indoor and outdoor music camp.

The celebration on the boat

Do not sit at home and go to Amsterdam to experience the atmosphere of the thousands of brightly decorated boats floating through the Amsterdam canals. If you missed a boat, then go on the corner of Prinsengracht and Amstelveld, where you will find a great place to watch the parade of floating boats.

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