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BusLine Travel Insurance


Eurolines closely cooperates with the European Travel Insurance company - the ERV  Evropska Pojistovna company to bring you travel insurance  - BusLIne. BusLine is an insurance specifically designed for  bus tickets.



Why do we cooperate with the ERV Evropska Pojistovna?


SPECIALISTS in Travel Insurance

  • repeatedly voted the best insurance company of the year
  • broadest product portfolio in travel insurance
  • market´s most comprehensive coverage
  • straightforward insurance conditions with clearly stated exclusions


UNIQUE Concept of Care

  • wide range of services to customers before a trip, during and after your return
  • own assistance central accessible worldwide and 24/7
  • our network of Euro-Centers - covering all main touristic destinations - ensure you are provided with the highest level of care in any emergency situation on-site
  • obliging and unmatched fast claims handling, even on the Internet


TRADITION and strong international background

  • part of the world strongest financial group ERGO and Munich RE
  • more than 100 years of experience in the field of travel insurance
  • member of the world largest travel insurance group (ETIG)
  • the only specialised insurance company with 21 years of experience


BusLine Travel Insurance


This insurance can very well accompany existing insurance for e.g. payment cards, company insurance, etc..These insurances do not include STORNO insurance (=ticket cancellation) which is the basic product of BusLine.


You can also insure the situation of journey cancellation (STORNO insurance) for 150 CZK, for instance for our PROMO tickets, which are not cancellable without such insurance. Evropska will then repay 80% from the ticket price up to the price of 4.000 CZK. For more information, please, look at the full terms - page 6, point F.


If you don´t have any travel insurance, you can choose for very favorable conditions an extended variant BASIC insurance for 250 CZK (without a ticket cancellation insurance) or complex insurance STANDARD available from 490 CZK (for Europe) - including cancellation insurance - see table.


Explanatory notes:

1) deductible 1 000 CZK, 2) deductible 800 CZK, 3) deductible 20%


There is no need to compare complicated offers from other companies, fill forms, give away more personal information (we only need name and surname) - you can get everything in a few minutes - during a ticket purchase.


A ticket with insurance is available:

  • on-line from our website
  • in Eurolines offices (Prague, Brno, Příbram)
  • in Travel Agencies (for instance Čedok in Czech Republic)

For more information please contact European Travel Insurance company at: 420 221 860 860 or e-mail: ck@ERVpojistovna.cz..


Have a look at the full terms and conditions here.