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Dear members of EurolinesMax,
our Max has reached the 12th anniversary of his establishment. He has worked intensively all the time and we believe he has served you responsibly and made it possible to travel conveniently on the Eurolines routes and discover Europe. However, since 2005 your expectations and preferences have changed slightly. Max would not want to stay behind. That's why we decided to allow him some rest and intensive care, to come up with a new, fresh and attractive offer.

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There comes a period of damping – when we close the possibility of new registrations and from June collecting points for purchased tickets to EurolinesMax accounts. 20% discount on Economy tariffs remains valid!

With full responsibility, we understand that any change for you may be unpleasant and we will do our best to get Max's maximum.

EurolinesMax points increased by 50%
By 21 May 2017, you will receive your EurolinesMax Points for your purchased tickets - plus 50% extra. This special "promotional bonus" applies to tickets purchased online and at the  Eurolines offices in Prague, ÚAN Florenc and Brno, ÚAN Zvonařka, as well as in the network of all our contractual travel agents (overview here: travel agencies).

Enough time to deplete the collected EurolinesMax points
Until September 30, 2018 (!), you have the chance to draw your collected points for free tickets. You still can dedicate this bonus ticket to anyone!
• You can request a bonus ticket by filling out the form here: or directly at our Eurolines offices in Prague, Florenc, or in Brno, at ÚAN Zvonařka
• You can check your account by entering your card number and password here:
• Destinations where you can get free tickets and the number of points you will find here:
After 30 September 2018, points will no longer be drawn, unused from Member Accounts will be canceled.

Recapitulation of important terms and phasing:
To 27 April 2017 - new registrations are closed
By 21 May 2017, all EurolinesMax members have the option to receive a special "promotional bonus": 50% more points for purchased tickets
As of 1 June 2017, the collection of points for purchased tickets will be terminated, 20% discount will continue to be paid
Until 30. 9. 2018 (!), you can use your collected points for free tickets

Informing EurolinesMax members
We appreciate all active members of EurolinesMax! We will do our best to announce the essentials. Each member will be informed by special letter or e-mail. Further information will be provided by employees of Eurolines offices - Prague, Florenc or Brno, ÚAN Zvonařka or customer line and will also be posted on board of Eurolines coaches.

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Thank you for your trust and support!


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