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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction


The EurolinesMax programme is a loyalty marketing programme (hereinafter only "EurolinesMax programme") run by the companies TOURING BOHEMIA, s.r.o. and TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ, a.s. (hereinafter only "TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ"), whose purpose is to further improve the quality of the services supplied and offer the possibility of special benefits to passengers who regularly use TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ coach services. Passengers who want to take advantage of the benefits of EurolinesMax membership must be members of it. Passengers who complete a EurolinesMax Registration Form close a contract with the companies TOURING BOHEMIA, s.r.o., whose head office is at Golčova 486, Kunratice, 148 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic (recorded in the Commercial Register kept by the City Court in Prague, Division C, File 13819, Business Id.No. 45 79 15 03) and TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ, a.s., whose head office is at Karlínské nám. 6, 186 00, Prague 8, Czech Republic (recorded in the Commercial Register kept by te City Court in Prague, Division B, File 7945, Business Id. No. 25 77 47 86, which is regulated by these General Terms and Conditions of the EurolinesMax Programme (hereinafter only "the Terms and Conditions").



2. Membership


2.1 Membership of EurolinesMax is free.

2.2 Anyone whose permanent address is in a country whose laws do not explicitly prohibit membership of such a programme can become a EurolinesMax member, if he fulfills all of the conditions of membership.

2.3 Membership is not open to legal persons, syndicates, associations and other groups.

2.4 who wishes to become a member of the EurolinesMax programme and enjoy its benefits must buy a ticket for a TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ service on its own name. The ticket must be made out on the TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ blank form of a business partner in the Czech Republic. Then he/she must complete and send off a valid electronic Registration Form, which is available through our Internet pages at www.eurolines.cz.

2.5 Membership begins on the day the Registration Form on www.eurolines.cz is completed.

2.6 When several Registration Forms are received from one person, only the first one can be accepted.

2.7 Membership is automatically terminated when the member's account shows that during the previous 24 months he/she did not travel on services provided by Touring Bohemia/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ.

2.8 TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ reserve the right to exclude a member from the programme if
   a. the Terms and Conditions of the EurolinesMax Programme were breached
   b. the Contractual Terms of Sale and Carriage on Eurolines Services were breached.

2.9 A EurolinesMax member can at anytime terminate his/her membership by sending a cancellation request to: TOURING BOHEMIA, s. r. o., Golčova 486, Kunratice, 148 00 Praha 4. Please, include the text "EurolinesMax" at the left top corner of the envelope.

2.10 On the day a member terminates membership or is excluded, all claims against TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ relating to Eurolines membership become null and void.



3. Earning EurolinesMax points


3.1 EurolinesMax points are the basic unit used in EurolinesMax members' accounts and express the extent of the member's loyalty.

3.2 Use of TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ carriage services is assessed by an appropriate number of EurolinesMax points.

3.3 The validity of EurolinesMax points after a period of EurolinesMax membership is not subject to any restriction.

3.4 Each member has a personal account in which the appropriate EurolinesMax points ydepending on the use of TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ services are recorded.

3.5 Eurolines points can be gained for journeys travelled on scheduled Touring Bohemia/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ services as part of the programme.

3.6 EurolinesMax points are calculated for the particular journeys made by members. They are calculated according to the following model: ticket price divided by 25 = the number of EurolinesMax points (rounded down to the next whole number). Points for purchased ticket are points passive. When the journey is realized, the points are active. TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ can for a limited period give preference to certain services and award an additional "Promotion Bonus".

3.7 EurolinesMax members can find out the state of their EurolinesMax account at www.eurolines.cz after giving the number of their membership card and password.

3.8 EurolinesMax points for individual tickets can be awarded only once.

3.9 Points for one ticket can be awarded only to one account, and this always to the account of the member who actually went on the journey in question.

3.10 In the case of bonus tickets which were issued for EurolinesMax points, the award of additional EuroplinesMax points is not appropriate.

3.11 If a ticket is cancelled, the whole amount of EurolinesMax points awarded for the ticket will be deducted.

3.12 Claims relating to EurolinesMax points not awarded for particular journeys can be made no later than 6 months after the date of the journey by writing a requesting letter to Eurolines. The claim must be accompanied by the coupon from the used ticket and sent to : TOURING BOHEMIA, s. r. o., Golčova 486, Kunratice, 148 00 Praha 4. Please, include the text "EurolinesMax" at the left top corner of the envelope.

3.13 All of the sent materials necessary for dealing with the claim automatically become the property of TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ and will not be returned even on request.

3.14 Tickets which were bought by driver or eurolines voucher are supposted to be recorded with 2 weeks delay.



4. EurolinesMax cards


4.1 All members of the EurolinesMax Programme become the owners of EurolinesMax card. After registration at www.eurolines.cz, a EurolinesMax card will be sent to the contact address of EurolinesMax members or they can download it to your smartphone or tablet computer via the application of mobile-pocket. In case that EurolinesMax members decided on the personal collection, their EurolinesMax card will be prepared for them in the chosen Eurolines office (Prague, ÚAN Florenc or Brno, near the hotel Grand) within five working days.

4.2 A EurolinesMax card is not transferable and gives the name of the account-holder who is entitled to hold the card in question.

4.3 When buying a ticket (and during clearance), the passenger shall always present his/her valid EurolinesMax card if he intends to take advantage of the benefits to which holders of these cards are entitled. To prove his/her identity (and so qualify for the benefits) the passenger shall also present his/her Czech identity card or passport.

4.4 The benefits to which holders of EurolinesMax cards are entitled are provided only if an appropriate valid card is presented.

4.5 EurolinesMax cards are the property of TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ and on request must be returned to TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ. If a passenger presents an invalid or someone else's EurolinesMax card or claims benefits based on the card which does not belong to him/her, the card can be taken away from him/her or blocked by the TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ staff or staff from any of their contractual partners.



5. EurolinesMax benefits - rewards


5.1 Rewards under the EurolinesMax programme take the form of bonus tickets for use on services operated by TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ. Bonus ticket is possible to earn only for one-way ticket or return ticket. It is impossible OPEN.

5.2 Rewards can be earned as EurolinesMax points for the EurolinesMax account. The number of EurolinesMax points needed to win a reward is stipulated in the relevant table, which is available at www.eurolines.cz. TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ reserve the right to change the number of EurolinesMax points necessary to win particular rewards. The bonus tickets are possible to draw against EurolinesMax points which were obtained for already passed tickets and only for the bus lines that are provided by the company TOURING BOHEMIA / TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ.

5.3 The account owner or a person nominated by him/her on the internet form determined for this purpose (available at www.eurolines.cz) can make use of the rewards For bonus ticket is necessary to ask at least 15 days before the date of departure.

5.4 Any tax payable on the rewards received shall be paid by the person who earned the reward.

5.5 An additional change of dates on an already issued bonus ticket is possible. Other changes are not possible. Issued but unused bonus tickets can be returned up to 48 hours before departure (it is necessary to contact a Eurolines office and so again earn EurolinesMax points for the account of the member by whom they were used. If bonus tickets are returned, a maximum of 10 EurolinesMax points are deducted from the member's account.

5.6 When Eurolines partners provide reductions and EurolinesMax benefits, it is necessary to present a valid EurolinesMax membership card. Use is governed exclusively by the partner's Terms and Conditions.

5.7 Use of a reward by a person who under EurolinesMax rules is not entitled to will result in the reward being forfeited. If an unauthorised person has already begun a journey on bonus ticket, all of the begun and subsequent carriage will be undertaken at the expense of this person.



6. Miscellaneous


6.1 TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions of the EurolinesMax Programme at any time, even without prior notice.

6.2 Members of the programme can familiarise themselves with any changes on this website.

6.3 By completing the EurolinesMax Registration Form the member undertakes to abide by the programme's valid Terms and Conditions, including any additional published changes.

6.4 A person who breaches the Terms and Conditions of the EurolinesMax Programme will be liable for damages incurred by TOURING BOHEMIA/TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ resulting from this conduct.

6.5 Each breach of the Terms and Conditions of the EurolinesMax Programme can lead to forfeiture of the rights ensuing from the collection of EurolinesMax points and to non-recognition of rewards or their withdrawal, including bonus tickets already issued.

6.6 The passenger provides all personal details in the Registration Form in order to acquire the benefits which arise from membership of the EurolinesMax programme. By acceding to the EurolinesMax programme General Terms and Conditions, you are expressing your consent to the processing of your personal details by Touring Bohemia, s..r.o., IČ (Company ID) 45791503 based at Golčova 486, Kunratice, Prague 4 and TRANSDEV Eurolines CZ, IČ (Company ID) 25774786, based at Karlínské náměstí 6, Prague 8, 186 00 as administrators in accordance with Article 5 of Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendment to Some Acts, as amended, over the whole period of your membership of EurolinesMax programme. You are expressing your consent to the processing of your personal details to the extent of name, surname, date of birth, address, email and telephone number for marketing purposes, for sending out regular information on special marketing events and for use within the EurolinesMax programme, and for sending commercial communication via electronic means in accordance with Act no. 480/2004 Coll. Data thus obtained will not be handed over to third parties. You can withdraw your consent to receiving commercial messages at any time - in writing or by email. You are entitled to request information on the processing of your personal details from Touring Bohemia and Transdev Eurolines CZ.

6.7 These Terms and Conditions come into force on the day of their promulgation.



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